Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If the mystery flavor Oreo “reveal” (it’s Fruity Pebbles) had any lasting lesson, it was to teach us that novelty-flavored Oreos are best when they embrace their true selves: processed, sugar-pumped snack cookies with little resemblance to foodstuffs occurring in nature. And that’s just the way we like ’em.

So recent word that Oreo will introduce three new flavors next year— cherry cola, pina colada, kettle corn—has us looking forward to next year’s lineup of completely artificial, disc-shaped deliciousness. Rather than attempting to replicate “real” flavors like coffee or actual cherry, the scientists at Oreo have doubled down on the engineering, creating processed food Frankensteins we admit we would totally try. The trio will debut in May, the result of the “My Oreo Creation” contest that chose three fan-suggested flavors to compete for consumers’ votes.


Additionally, Food & Wine reports that next year Oreo also will roll out Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos (a.k.a. Nutella-without-the-branding) and Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos, for those who presumably would like a Fireball chaser with their cookie.

Kate Bernot is managing editor at The Takeout and a certified beer judge.

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