New Jersey man sets new world record for folding pizza boxes

Pizza box folding is an exciting spectator sport!
Pizza box folding is an exciting spectator sport!
Photo: Chris Black (Getty Images)

Did you know that speed-folding pizza boxes was a sport? Neither did I, until today. But then I learned about Randy DeGregorio, a delivery driver for Mezza Luna Pizza in Manalapan, New Jersey, who recently set the new world record by folding 18 pizza boxes in one minute, besting the old record of 14, set a little more than a year ago by Vanoni Alessandro of Brescia, Italy.


(The record isn’t official yet because it hasn’t been certified by Guinness, but DeGregorio has submitted his paperwork and evidence.)

DeGregorio, a five-year delivery veteran, discovered his talent for speed-folding by accident. “Over time, when it’s slow, there’s no deliveries,” DeGregorio told News12. “You kind of compete with other drivers and say who can fold them the fastest. And over time, I started to realize that, hey, I’m pretty good at this.” When he discovered that there was a world record, he decided to go for it.

“So glad it’s over and I finally got it,” he told News12. Guinness should let him know he’s official in a few months.

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It’s true. I used to deliver pizzas back in ‘07 and we’d sit around folding boxes and chatting while we waited for orders. Some guys tried to see who could be fastest, others would find a rhythm and stick to that. Just something mindless to do while passing the time. Domino’s ads used to feature some guy who, I think, had the record for fastest box folds. He worked at one of their stores and the commercials would talk about whatever deals while he folded boxes the entire time.