New Girl Scout cookie-flavored yogurts make Thin Mints okay for breakfast

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Many of us wait all year for those all-too-brief months of Girl Scout cookie season, which usually occurs in the spring. We fruitlessly stock up on boxes of Trefoils and Tagalongs while knowing, deep in our hearts, that no quantity would ever really be enough, and we’ll be pining for Samoas again by summertime.

Turns out General Mills feels our pain, or at least, hears it. Food Business News reports that the food brand is attempting to integrate those beloved Girl Scout flavors into food it will sell all year-round. First came Girl-Scout-cookie-inspired breakfast cereals (Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch) and now, in a holiday present to us all, the company announced this week that Yoplait will also feature those delicious flavors in its products year-round.


Trefoil fans are out of luck, as Yoplait will be focusing on those popular chocolate-based cookie flavors. The three new yogurts will be Girl Scouts Thin Mints, Girl Scouts Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Girl Scouts Caramel Coconut. Again, “Thin Mints” seems to be the only official Girl Scout cookie name okay to use; savvy fans will not be fooled by the genericness of the “Peanut Butter Chocolate” and “Caramel Coconut” tags, knowing the true names of those flavors to be Tagalongs and Samoas. These three flavors are scheduled to be on grocery store shelves this month. Although it seems like an odd choice for a season already crammed with sweet treats, we can ostensibly have these cups for breakfast, thus widening our previously too-narrow chocolate-eating window.