Netflix and Queer Eye are giving away Jones Bar-B-Q sauce right now

Mary Jones, Deborah Jones, Antoni Porowski
Mary Jones, Deborah Jones, Antoni Porowski
Photo: Christopher Smith (Netflix)

Behold, a positive development on Twitter:


As previously reported, the Jones sisters of Kansas City’s Jones Bar-B-Q have sold a lot of barbecue sauce since the arrival of Queer Eye’s third season last week. The third episode of that season, titled “Jones Bar-B-Q,” sees the hardworking women get some well-deserved assistance from the Fab Five, which in this case included a connection with a chef and food scientist at a local bottling company. Et voila: their locally revered sauce became available to people around the country, and the demand was so great that they sold 11,000 bottles over the weekend and have been “overwhelmed at the response.”

Netflix is stepping up to help satisfy fans eager to try the secret family recipe, thus sparing them a grueling 7-10 business day wait (and lightening the load for the very busy sisters). In an email to The Takeout, a Netflix representative confirmed 1,500 bottles will be given away total, with a larger concentration of bottles that fans in Los Angeles, New York, and Kansas City. Those requesting a bottle in one of those cities will see their prize delivered today. Barbecue lovers outside those cities can expect to see their bottle turn up, should they be lucky enough to nab one, in another day or two.

To request a bottle, tweet @queereye using the hashtag #JonesBBQ. And get on it in a real hurry—it’s first-come, first-served, while supplies last, and started at 12 p.m. EST.

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This story felt good, but the episode immediately after felt a little like a commercial for Orangetheory Fitness.  Hope they’re not going corporate.