Natty Light, 20-somethings, a deserted tropical island—what could go wrong?

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Two college women drinking from beer bong on beach
Photo: Joe Raedle / Staff (Getty Images)

I’ve only done the wild spring break thing once. My junior year of college, I caravanned to Gulf Shores with a bunch of people I didn’t really like, conveniently forgot to apply sunscreen, got rip-roaring drunk on little shooters at a massive bar/hellscape called Flora-Bama, and went home in a cab when my sun poisoning kicked in. It was maybe the worst week of my life. Still, I feel bad for the collegians who can’t flock to the Gulf Coast’s virus-ridden beaches this year. Spring break is something you have to get out of your system at least once. Fortunately (?) Natural Light is here to “save spring break” with a vacation giveaway.

According to a press release sent to The Takeout, everyone’s favorite watery college beer is launching a new Naturdays flavor: Pineapple Lemonade. (If you’re unfamiliar, Naturdays is the strawberry lemonade-flavored beer Natty released in 2019.) To promote the new flavor, Natty will send six early-twents revelers to a tropical deserted island for a “socially distanced” spring break.


Couple things here: While the brand will pay for your travel and all expenses, you’re probably not going to be able to charter a private jet for your crew. The spring break experience also includes meals from a private chef and boat tours around the island, both of which involve coming into contact with humans. Vaccinated humans? Maybe, but the COVID protocols here seem shaky at best. You’re not going to be licking salt off a stranger’s abdomen at the tequila bar, but the whole thing still feels... questionable.

If you’re interested in making some unforgettable memories of your own, you can learn more about entering to win on Natty Light’s website. I’m not condoning this, but surely a gaggle of 21-year-olds are old enough to make good, sound, responsible decisions when presented with free beer and free travel. Right?