Nancy Silverton wants to tell you a secret (password)

Silverton (center) and grill pan (left of center)
Silverton (center) and grill pan (left of center)
Photo: Power Digital Marketing

If you are a fan of underground clubs with secret handshakes, exclusive parties at last-minute surprise venues, or if you belong to a clandestine organization, you know how thrilling it can be to be among the chosen. And if you are a fan of James Beard Award-winning baker Nancy Silverton to boot? Have we got the pan for you.


In partnership with Made In, Silverton has designed a custom limited-edition enamel handled cast-iron grill pan. With less than 350 available and exclusive to Silverton’s fans, the stunning pre-seasoned pan with cobalt blue handle will only be available to those with a SUPER SECRET password! On December 8, Silverton will post on her IG @nancysilverton to invite her social media followers to slip into @madein DMs for the password to purchase.

Made In’s Grill Pan is built especially to achieve those quintessential grill marks on the speciality fett’unta, a grilled bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic featured in Silverton’s Chi Spacca cookbook, not to mention those perfect cross-hatch marks on ribeyes or your own version of a Pizzaria Mozza-style grilled cheese right on your stovetop.

Made in the USA, the grill pan is $199, and would make a killer holiday gift for the special cook in your life, especially if that cook is you.



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