Mom showed photo of son at grocery store, successfully got him a date

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My initial reaction when I read this story—a story of a Texas mom who showed a photo of her college-age son to some girls at the grocery store to maybe spark a love connection—was something like fear-mixed-with-horror. No no no no, I thought, moms, please don’t try to play wingman for your adult children. But I have a confession, readers: My mom did this to me when I was in high school. And like this story, it worked out.


In the case of this University Of Texas-San Antonio student, whose name is Codey, his mom apparently showed her son’s photo to a group of girls, mentioning his college major (Global Affairs), his off-campus apartment (the Outpost), and his height (6'4"). We know the date worked out because both Codey and his date tweeted about it. The girl, Charisma, tweeted that the pair is planning a second date. And if this photo is any indication, they’re really cute together!

As for me, yes, my mom played matchmaker—without my permission—when I was in high school. Most Sundays after church, she took me with her to the local butcher shop to pick up groceries for the week. A cute, about-my-age guy worked behind the counter there, and my mom swore he was sneaking shy glances at me like I was at him. I, mortified, told her that if she so much as breathed about my crush on him, I would... I don’t know. Be mad.

So what did my mom do? She slipped him my number on a week that I was out of town. He called me; we talked on the phone; I asked him to prom; we dated for something like two or three years. Despite my protesting that my mom not intervene, without her, I wouldn’t have found love in a hopeless place deli case.

I’m not sure what the moral is here, because these are but two shreds of anecdotal evidence to suggest that moms are pretty decent matchmakers. If you have mom-matchmaking-over-groceries evidence to support or refute this hypothesis, please weigh in.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.



Something similar happened to my cousin a number of years ago. He had moved to NYC a few months before. His parents (my aunt and uncle) came out for a visit. They were out for dinner and my cousin was saying he really hadn’t met anyone yet. My uncle, ever the loving, helpful blowhard, says “why don’t you ask her out, she’s pretty” pointing to a young woman across the restaurant.

It was one of the Olsen twins. (I can’t remember which anymore, but its kind of besides the point of the story.)

My cousin is stunned. He tries to reason with his dad as to why he can’t do that. My uncle declares bullshit, gets up from the table, and walks across the room. He introduces himself to Ms. Olsen, describes my cousin’s non-dating situation, and asks if she’s interested. He takes her stunned silence as an opening and waves my cousin over.

Oddly enough, they hit it off. He went an a handful of dates with her and they enjoyed each other’s company, but she wasn’t into someone who moved from the Midwest to NYC to make it in music. It ended amiably.

TL;DR - my uncle set my cousin up on a date with an Olsen. It can work for anyone.