Last Call: The news from Minneapolis

A mural in Berlin, Germany
A mural in Berlin, Germany
Photo: Anadolu Agency (Getty Images)
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All week long, but today especially, it’s been hard to look away from the news from Minneapolis. Since The Takeout is a food site, we view the world through the prism of food. And so we’ll leave you with this Facebook post from Hafsa Islam, whose father Ruhel’s restaurant, Gandhi Mahal on 27th Avenue South in Minneapolis, caught fire last night:

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Dang, I was wondering if TheTakeout was gonna post on this at all since this is a feel-good site and that’s a rough situation at the moment, glad you did because that take was solid. I feel for that guy’s business going up in flames but the owner saying “justice first” is everything, and I hope he gets back on his feet as soon as possible.