Millennial food review site The Infatuation welcomes Grandpa Zagat to cohabitate

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The past few years have been great for millennial-skewing-if-slightly-loud food review site The Infatuation. It’s really come into its own, leveling up to a sweet new exposed-brick loft, keeping some houseplants alive, and generally learning to adult better than it ever has. So when it realized Grandpa Zagat—the skinny burgundy book of restaurant reviews—was in declining health, Infatuation stepped up to the plate and said “Hey Pops, why not move in with me?” (The New York Times is reporting that The Infatuation will acquire the Zagat brand for an undisclosed amount.)

Though it’s only been about 24 hours, the two have been cohabitating well. The Infatuation has attempted to teach Grandpa Zagat to use Instagram; Grandpa Zagat’s been regaling the Infatuation with restaurant tales of yore, including how chefs used to wear funny, tall hats called toques. (The Infatuation can’t remember a day when chefs wore anything but tattoos and undercuts.)

Grandpa Zagat had previously been living with Google, but it wasn’t working out (Google bought Zagat for $151 million in 2011). Google just never quite got used to Grandpa’s schedule, and eventually, his “back in my day...” refrain got old.


It’s unclear what’s in the future for the new odd couple. Both The Infatuation and Grandpa Zagat say they want to spend some quality intergenerational time together, learn from each other, maybe even go out to dinner together. If The Infatuation can learn to keep its damn stereo at a reasonable volume (Grandpa Zagat is trying to read The Saturday Evening Post!), they might just work out as roommates.