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Unless you are one specific person who bought a lottery ticket at a KC Mart in Simpsonville, South Carolina, you did not win $1.537 billion last night. Condolences! If you have not already thrown out your ticket and/or eaten it in a fit of pique, there’s still some good news: You can change that worthless scrap of paper in for a free slice.

There’s exactly one catch: You’ve got to purchase a beverage. But still, that pizza is worth more than the paper you won’t be cashing in for a billion dollars.


Villa Italian Kitchen (sometimes called Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen) has locations in 38 states, and while their location-finder seems to be broken at the moment, a visit to the ol’ Google maps should point you in the right direction. Hey, look at it this way: You knew you weren’t going to win, right? So instead of buying inevitable disappointment, you just bought a really unconventional pizza coupon.


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