At this year's All Candy Expo, Kyle Ryan dropped his business card (hell yes, we have business cards!) in the fishbowl at the Toblerone booth, where they were offering a melted version of the segmented, triangular chocolate bar. A few weeks later, he received a big-ass box in the mail. It contained a 4.5kg Toblerone, the largest we'd ever seen. What would you do in this situation? We called Internet Eating Sensation Dave Chang out of semi-retirement and tasked him with eating the entire thing in one sitting. He insisted on the kamikaze headband. Some things to note: When he gets sick of chocolate, he begins eating tiny dried crabs that were sent in by a faithful reader named Nicole. More on those crabs (and some other items Nicole sent us) next week. But for now, a special video-only Taste Test, once again expertly put together by Hassan S. Ali. I give you Mega Chang Vs. Giant Toblerone.


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