McDonald’s McSwag leaves customers McSad

Photo: McDonald’s, Koldunov (iStock)

Last Thursday, Uber Eats and McDonald’s promised America some McSwag. It was 100% the reason why I had 60 McNuggets, two Big Macs, and four pumpkin pies delivered to my house, instead of making my family a dinner that would have contained at least one vegetable. I have no problem shaving years off my life if it means getting a free T-shirt that I’ll never wear.

According to Twitter, I was one of the lucky ones. Many excited customers tore into their deliveries, hoping they had received one of the more premium McSwag items—like the sesame seed hooded blanket or the Big Mac fleece pants—instead of something lame, like the crap-ass T-shirt I got. Sadly for them, what they had received was McNothing, and they are pissed.


According to trade publication Nation’s Restaurant News, a customer said that the Twitter account @Uber_Support responded to their complaint with an email denying their request for a refund, saying “This promo is valid only while supplies last. For the inconvenience, I am adding $5 that you may use for your future orders.” There is no way that this will be seen as an acceptable consolation, especially for customers only placed orders specifically to receive McSwag. These items are now being sold on the secondary market for considerably more than $5, which isn’t even enough to buy Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal. This is McInsult to McInjury.


P.S.: If anyone wants a T-shirt with a French fry icon over the left nipple, make me an offer. These kids’ college funds aren’t going to grow themselves.

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