Y’all were really on board for that McDonald’s bacon, huh

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McDonald’s today announced its earnings for the first quarter of 2019 (which ended on March 31). Global comparable sales increased by 5.4 percent, while in the U.S. that jump was 4.5 percent—so, short version, giant moneymaking corporation remains giant and moneymaking. How did they do it? Well, at least in part, it’s thanks to you, dear Reader, assuming you went in for some of that sweet, sweet bacon.

This isn’t theorizing on our part. This comes straight from Ronald McDonald, or the Hamburglar, or some sentient Golden Arches, or whoever writes press releases for McDonald’s:

In the U.S., first quarter comparable sales increased 4.5%, reflecting successful promotions, including the Bacon Event, the 2 for $5 Mix And Match deal, and Donut Sticks, as well as a net positive impact from our Experience Of The Future deployment.


The Experience Of The Future referenced above is the company’s ongoing remodeling efforts, which includes those fancy self-order kiosks, parking spots for people waiting in the drive-thru line, and all manner of other things. That list includes a wall. But beyond making sure that visitors are lovin’ (get it?) their local McD’s as a physical space, the promotional efforts made this quarter by the company seem to have had the desired effect.

This marks the company’s 15th consecutive quarter of growth in global sales, so hey, congrats to shareholders and also people who love fast food bacon.

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Because fast food bacon is SHIT.


They advertise CRISPY bacon. What do you actually get? Soggy half-cooked chewy strips of ham that’s practically still saying oink oink.