Marie Callender’s and Hungry-Man to say “I do” in frozen-food matrimony

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Frozen-food royalty Marie Callender’s and Hungry-Man have announced their intent to consciously couple in a corporate manner, as Marie’s parent company, Con-Agra, has plans to purchase Pinnacle, home of Hungry-Man, USA Today and other outlets report today.

Hungry-Man’s heaping portions of protein-based dinners had long sent admiring glances toward Marie’s inexpensive pasta meals nearby in the frozen food section. But it wasn’t until the meddlesome matchmaking of those parent companies that the frozen-meal icons actually got together. The union was made official, we assume, by a giant fleet of lawyers in attendance. While future plans were not immediately announced, the uniting of the two offers some intriguing possibilities for the frozen-food industry, which has had its ups and down as of late, although the millennial market and more pleasing displays may help boost sales.


Other members of the Conagra family (so, attendants) include Hunt’s, Reddi-wip, and Slim Jim brands, while Pinnacle Foods is known for Birds Eye, Duncan Hines, and Vlasic, making more food-merging options virtually limitless. All the best wishes to the happy frozen-food couple.

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