Manu Ginobili honored with free tacos to all who speak his name (in San Antonio)

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On Monday, after 16 seasons in the NBA, Manu Ginobili announced his retirement from basketball. During those seasons, all of which were spent with the San Antonio Spurs, the Argentinian player became “one of the most decorated international players in basketball history” (ESPN), earning four championship rings with the Spurs, two nods as an NBA All-Star, a EuroLeague MVP, and an Olympic gold medal. He is a future Hall Of Famer. One of the greats. And he is being honored as such by Taco Bell, who today will bestow a free taco upon any soul who speaks this legend’s name.


To be clear, this will only work if you’re at a participating Taco Bell location in San Antonio—while I may still stroll into a Bell here in Chicago and whisper Manuuuu, it won’t get me a free taco. I should also clarify that it’s a free crunchy taco, which may lessen the appeal of this tribute to some. But if you’re in San Antonio and want a crunchy taco, or just want the pleasure of crying out Manuuuu like you’re calling the wind Maria, you’ll have to do so today—the offer is only good for Thursday, August 30, which the mayor of San Antonio has declared is Manu Ginobili Day.

You can also get a discount at the zoo.

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Taco Bell? In San Antonio? Wow, when it comes to fast-food promotions, Taco Cabana really dropped (dribbled?) the ball this time.