Man sues North Carolina Hardee’s for racial discrimination over hash browns

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A Hardee’s franchise in Belmont, North Carolina finds itself at the center of a federal lawsuit, with a customer alleging that he was the victim of racial discrimination from the location’s manager.


The Charlotte Observer reports on a lawsuit filed by 58-year-old Tommy Martin, who claims that he was given an inadequate portion of “Hash Rounds” with his breakfast meal, and was then was denied the portion for which he paid. After he was served only two Hash Rounds in total with his meal, Martin (a black man) tells the Observer that “the manager came back and said that’s what you get... Got home with tear in mine eye. I have got to do something.” He also claims that “the Hardee’s cashier was preparing to give him the correct number of Hash Rounds when the manager stepped in and told him no.”

While Martin was refunded for the Hash Rounds (which, according to Hardee’s official site, typically include around a dozen of the fried potatoes in a small portion), he has still chosen to pursue action in light of the white manager’s alleged discrimination. Martin notes that “It’s not a money issue... I just want to be treated fairly.”

Hardee’s has not yet commented publicly on the lawsuit.


The man’s own testimony doesn’t provide any evidence as to why this exchange could be considered racist. There was no implication that the manager made any remarks that indicate racism and the man received a full refund. It seems like this guy is just trying to make some money off of an ambiguous situation unless there are some details we are missing.

Unfortunately frivolous law suits like this take away from legitimate cases of discrimination and provide racists with ammunition to continue doing what they do.