After the show, Jenne brought half-eaten sandwiches from Steve Martin and Johnny Carson back to Illinois and put them in the freezer next to Nixon’s. As his story continued to spread, he received half-eaten sandwiches from Tiny Tim and legendary comedian Henny Youngman. This year, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the sandwich that started it all, Jenne collaborated with local author Scot England on a memoir, The Sandwich That Changed My Life! The 146-page book includes a rare color photo of the sandwich, taken without the plastic bag or Musselman’s Applesauce jar. Jenne told the Herald & Review that the sandwich was being kept safe so that it may be preserved for future historians to study.


“As long as I am living, that sandwich will be stored in my freezer in a container that is labeled, ‘Save, don’t throw away.’”