Man misses airplane food enough to cook it at home

Tray loaded with airline food
This is a business class meal, in case that wasn’t obvious.
Photo: Jeff Greenberg / Contributor (Getty Images)

God, I miss traveling. I’ve been thinking about international travel and how I miss even the smallest things about it, like the anticipation of boarding a plane (my brain conveniently omitting the stress of it all), floating around in the air, and the sound of the cart rolling down the aisle as the flight attendant comes to offer you food and snacks.


Today has the story of a man named Nik Sennhauser who misses the experience of airplane food so much that he’s taken to preparing those meals on his own. Prior to the pandemic, Sennhauser was a frequent flyer. He told Today, “I used to be on a plane roughly every three weeks, whether to go see friends and family or just to get on a plane. But I’ve now been grounded for over a year.” And one day, already having amassed a collection of airline tableware, he decided to make himself a breakfast and plate it on a tray as it would be served on a flight.

“I thought it was really good fun and it made me reminisce about all my previous trips,” he said. “Suddenly it wasn’t that painful thinking about travel anymore. It sort of brought joy back to the thought of being on a plane and eating plane food.”

And now he shares this experience on his Instagram account, @flysoplane. Trust me, you want to check it out. Each meal is meticulously cooked and plated, from dinners inspired by Singapore Airlines, to breakfasts on Lufthansa. Although I don’t recall any of my airplane meals being quite so pretty. Not only are they pretty, they also look delicious.

“I am not a natural cook so making all of this has been a challenge,” he said to Today. “I have to find recipes and follow them, which is easier said than done.” Frankly, I think the photos are amazing and a vicarious way to travel even if you’re just scrolling through them on your phone. Well done, Nik Sennhauser.

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Oh Dennis, how quickly we forget. Unless we’re talking about First or Business Class travel here’s a refresher:

From standing in the security line behind the person that in 2019 (last time I flew) doesn’t know the security procedures of removing shoes, laptop out of bag, collect your shit and get dressed in the area where you’re not blocking everyone else from collecting their stuff, etc... to the person that sticks their carry-on in the fist open bin that’s 20 rows ahead of their actual seat so that there isn’t enough bin space for the people actually sitting there.

Then there’s the reading of the menu, deciding you don’t want the shitty sounding chicken dish, but then worrying that it might be better than the one you did choose. THEN there’s the anticipation (if you are sitting towards the rear of the plane) that they might run out of whichever and then you’re stuck with the meal that everyone else thought sounded worse. That being said, there always been something oddly satisfying in cutting open that microwaved roll (hard on the outside, rubbery inside), sticking in that cold pat of butter, and then eating it like a butter sandwich. Maybe that’s just my nostalgia from when I was a kid... And for sure the Asian and some Euro airlines have decent food even in coach.