UPDATE: Man has consumed his 30,000th Big Mac, has not died

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Updated May 7, 2018: He’s done it. Don Gorske consumed his 30,000th Big Mac this week, and he remains very much not dead. Gorske told the New York Post that he intends on eating 40,000 Big Macs, which the 64-year-old Wisconsin non-deceased human being said he would reach at age 78. God speed.


Original Feb. 28, 2018 post: It’s been 14 years since the documentary Super Size Me exposed the sad, greasy effects of an all-fast-food diet. In the decade and a half since it introduced us to Don Gorske, the world-record holder for Big Mac eating, Gorske is improbably still eating two of the burgers per day—and he says he’s in “great health.”

In a few months, the 64-year-old Fond du Lac, Wisconsin man tells Britain’s The Sun Online he’ll put down his 30,000 Big Mac. “I love Big Macs so much I’ll keep eating them until I die. If I live as long as my dad I’ll pass 40,000,” Gorske told the website. “There’s a joke I tell people: that if my wife has to put them in a blender then it’s over.”

Gorkse is memorable—those sideburns, those bangs!—but one of those pop-culture minor characters that we wouldn’t think to check back in on after his 15 minutes’ fade. So thanks, Sun Online, for tracking him down and confirming that despite his diet consisting of 95 percent Big Macs, he’s still alive and well. Gorske says his weight is stable; his cholesterol is at 160; and that he goes for a lot of walks.

Gorske’s Big Mac counter stood, as of February 27, at 29,877 burgers.

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Wait... 28,977 burgers.. 2 a day is 40 years..

How the fuck to you keep count of something for 40 years? I can bearly remember what I had for breakfast, and we are supposed to think that 60 years ago this guy started counting Big Macs..?

Sounds like a Wopper of a story.