Man reportedly kicked out of Indianapolis restaurant for wearing cross necklace

Not actual size.
Not actual size.
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Jerry Bond recently went out with some friends, including Minister David Latimore, to Kilroy’s Bar & Grill in downtown Indianapolis. He was subsequently embarrassed when he says a bouncer came over to ask him to tuck in his large gold cross necklace.

In Kilroy’s dress code posted at the entrance to the restaurant, according to WXIN in Indianapolis, “For jewelry, it says no large chains outside of a shirt.” But Bond’s friend Latimore points out that other people at the establishment had larger necklaces on. Bond refused to tuck in his cross, calling it an important indication of his faith.

So Bond left, while his friends stayed behind. Latimore tried to get a straight answer from the manager, but failed and later followed up with an email, saying, “If you have business in this city you should treat your customers a certain way and for us to turn a blind eye to it and continue to treat customers this way it’s just not right. It’s something I won’t stand for.” There has been no response from the restaurant. Latimore has since posted a video on Facebook that has been seen thousands of times, and attempted a protest over the weekend at Kilroy’s.


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The restaurant blew it twice. First, by not enforcing the dress code to begin with, and second by singling out the guy with the cross. As with most cases of this type, it’s all about whether the standard is being applied consistently.