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What are the odds of finding a pearl in your oyster? Apparently, somewhere between 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 12,000, according to this jeweler’s website. And on December 1, Rick Antosh of Edgewater, New Jersey, was that lucky one.


According to CBS-2 News, Antosh was enjoying some mollusks at Grand Central Oyster Bar inside New York City’s Grand Central Station when he bit down on something hard and pea-shaped, which he at first thought was a dental filling or piece of tooth.

Nope, it was a pearl. Antosh says he asked the chef about it, who confirmed that it was indeed a pearl, one of only two he’s encountered in his 28 years working with oysters. The lucky guy says he has no plans to have it appraised or to sell it; he’d prefer to keep it as an end-of-2018 good luck charm.

I’m happy for Antosh, but I can’t say I’m not also a bit jealous. I’ve eaten at Grand Central Oyster Bar—it’s quite a retro experience, slurping oysters in a vaulted-ceiling train station—and all I got at the end of the meal was a huge check. You’d have to think one of the chefs who shucked the oysters is also kicking himself for not searching that shell a little harder.

Kate Bernot is managing editor at The Takeout and a certified beer judge.

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