Man complaining about food at Indian restaurant gets sprayed with chili powder

Photo: phive2015 / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo: phive2015 / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Hey, we like going out to restaurants as much as the next person, but only if people stop throwing food around, okay? A few weeks ago, a Taco Bell employee expressed his outrage at his employer by throwing a cheesy burrito at him. And now, a complaining diner at an Indian restaurant in Wales was greeted with a face full of chili powder. Y’know, like organic pepper spray.


The BBC reports that David Evans went with his wife to Prince Of Bengal restaurant in the Tonypandy neighborhood, an establishment he had frequented previously. Evans reports: “I ordered chicken tandoori, my wife ordered a chicken dish as well. We started eating our food. It tasted rubbery and like paraffin. It was shiny. I go to lots of Indian restaurants and I have never tasted food like that before.” When the pair complained, restaurant chef Kamrul Islam is said to have shouted at them, “you only want a free meal, I’ve met you people before.” A 2013 review on TripAdvisor complains that a diner saw a family locked in the restaurant after they wouldn’t pay for the meal they were unhappy with—apparently, this place really hates getting stiffed on a bill.

When Evans stormed into the kitchen to protest paying for the rubbery chicken, Islam threw a fistful of chili powder at his face. No one is disputing that act, but Islam says he was acting in self-defense, as Evans was making a fist. As the BBC puts it, “The trial continues.”

We’re glad we’re not on that particular jury, but really, these outbreaks have to stop. If we wanted to see meals where people throw food at each other, we could just stay home.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.



Uh, customer stormed into the kitchen?

Yeah, no. Don’t do that.