Lizzo’s Hershey dress is good as hell

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Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage (Getty Images)

We admit a weakness for everything this news item wraps into one package: red carpet fashion, a talented singer-songwriter-rapper-flutist, and an excuse to think about which mass-market chocolates we like the best.

This week at the BRIT Awards in London, Lizzo stole the show on the red carpet by wearing a full-length gown styled as a Hershey’s chocolate bar wrapper. The dress was designed by Moschino, a luxury fashion house whose outfits feature a lot of playful pop-culture imagery—indeed, “MOSCHINO’S” replaced the classic “HERSHEY’S” logo across the middle of the gown. And could this be the first instance of a couture dress train slapped with a giant barcode? I hope not. It’s a fun look.


I must continue to gush, for there were accessories. Lizzo’s nails were given texture to look like little sections of a Hershey chocolate bar, and the nail polish itself was scented like chocolate. In addition, her sparkly clutch was designed to look like a jewel-encrusted chocolate bar. And furthermore, the chocolate bar label on that clutch said “100%,” a likely reference to Lizzo’s continued insistence that she is 100% that bitch.

There are so many more candies that would lend themselves well to this red carpet treatment. Pastels are great for spring; maybe someone will outfit themselves in saltwater taffy tones? Hell, the Valomilk wrapper would make an elegant wedding dress. These are just ideas, but you can take them to the bank. And on your way there, try to find some chocolate-scented nail polish.