Listen to an orchestra of instruments made out of vegetables

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You may have a fun hobby or two, but it would be hard to top the ingenuity of the members of the Long Island Vegetable Orchestra, who spend their downtime carving musical instruments out of vegetables and then performing. The key, apparently, is to carve the carrot flutes and squash horns all in the same key, so that the resulting deluge of sound is more melodious than cacophonous.

In a video posted by Business Insider, orchestra member Daniel Battaglia explains the carving and rehearsal that goes into the orchestra (which was inspired by the similar-themed Vienna Vegetable Orchestra); one of the biggest hurdles is making the hollowed-out instruments last longer than a few days, before they have to carve some new ones. They also have to keep piercing and refining the holes until they find the perfect pitch before finally inserting the mouthpiece.

The orchestra’s website describes instruments like a “cucumberphone,” “pumpkin bass drums struck with lemon grass,” and “butternut squashes that carry the sound of brass instruments,” alongside “the unique tearing, crushing and pounding sounds of our percussion.” The resulting din is actually pretty impressive, and makes most of our leisure activities appear woefully inadequate. Check out more over at Business Insider.