Last Call: Which movies make you hungry?

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During the past three weeks in which I’ve been stuck inside, I could have committed myself to doing something productive, like reading more books or learning how to weld. Instead, I’ve dedicated myself to Twitter, watching Netflix, and eating 16 times a day. I’m not making the best decisions right now, but what can I do. The heart wants what it wants.

At the intersection of these three riveting hobbies is reading tweets about food from hungry, bored people who are watching Netflix, and let me tell you guys, it’s as crazy as it sounds. It seems as if I am not the only person out there who has adopted this dubious lifestyle, and I can tell this by the number of times the topic of “food movies” has shown up in my feed this past month. This is not a discussion we need to keep having, people. By now, everybody is aware that Big Night, Ratatouille, and Chocolat are all very good movies about food. We can shut this one down and move on.

I would like to see Food/Netflix Twitter move past these inane conversations. Instead, Food/Netflix Twitter should use this platform to pinpoint which exact moments of movies compel us to walk to the kitchen to make ourselves another sandwich. If we all share those scenes, then perhaps I can find a pattern of human behavior I can eventually exploit for fun and profit. For example, my favorite food scene in modern cinema is the “I drink your milkshake” monologue from There Will Be Blood, because it makes me think about how much I love milkshakes, and how sad I would be if somebody drank mine. Then, I go make myself a milkshake, which is a nice thing to enjoy at the end of that movie. What’s on your TV that’s making you think about dinner?