Last Call: YouTube clips to pass the time because Aunt Helen brought up Obamacare again

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It’s Thanksgiving! If you’re one of the precious few enjoying banter with relatives you see twice a year, congratulations! You are a good and righteous person and your social skills are to be commended.

However, chances are you’re more like us, with tryptophan coursing through your body and prostrate on the couch. You’re likely on your phone checking Instagram updates and searching funny videos. Time is interminable. Let us offer a few suggestions, and we’d appreciate it if you would post a few YouTube clips of your own in the comment section. Pretty please.

Charlene Ryan, feisty and completely strange

I am unreasonably delighted by Charlene, a weird/sassy little girl who’s made the rounds on the morning talk shows after her mother started posting videos of her online. She’s feisty and completely strange, so I want to be her best friend and brunch buddy. This is just one of Charlene’s many gems. I now also follow her mom, @katieryan430, on Instagram, where Charlene once declared: “My only friend is nachos.” Same, girl, same. [Kate Bernot]


Kristen Wiig as Madeline Thanksgiving float

There’s something about Kristen Wiig that makes me absolutely lose it every time she does a creep smile at the camera. That smile is in full-effect in this SNL clip where she plays a Madeline float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Just when you think her float is the creepiest, Bobby Moynihan pops up as the world’s most terrifying clown float. Those teeth. My wife scream-laughs when she watches this, which is another reason I love it so much. [Jen Sabella] 


Robert Smigel’s Bozo parody

Every Thanksgiving Day here in Chicago, our beloved local station WGN airs a retrospective of Bozo’s Circus. I never grew up with the show, but watching it now with adult eyes, I’m delighted by how the show worked on one level for children, and another for grown-ups. The asides from Bozo, which would fly over the heads of most kids, was uproariously subversive.


Robert Smigel, the comedy television writer best known as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, tapped into this, penning a parody of Bozo the Clown that unfortunately never got past the TV pilot stage. Nevertheless, the show’s been uploaded to YouTube in two parts, and it’s one of my favorite half hours I’ve spent in my adult life. [Kevin Pang]

Late Night with David Letterman

Here’s an full episode of Late Night with David Letterman, with Eddie Murphy as lead guest, because ’80s Letterman was king. [Kevin Pang]