Last Call: Wrap up your summer by bingeing the gorgeous ladies of GLOW

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It’s the dog days of August; it’s hot; and back-to-school sales are already happening. You’ve likely already taken your vacation, hopefully fulfilled some things on your summer bucket list (water slides, outdoor concert), and frankly, you’re out of energy to do much except hang out on the sofa with some air conditioning with your brain turned off yet still entertained. I’ve got the perfect show for you (if you haven’t seen it yet): GLOW on Netflix.


I binged the whole thing (two season) last weekend and I am straight-up hooked. GLOW tells the story of the creation of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling league in the ’80s, complete with requisite giant hair and synth-laden soundtrack. But the beauty of both the fake and real shows lies in how the women all come together: Unemployed actress Ruth (Alison Brie), frustrated new mom Debbie (Betty Gilpin), wrestling legacy Carmen (Britney Young), etc. to build this outrageous cable-access show through a ton of hard work and some crazy choreography and costuming. Marc Maron may be my favorite part of the series, as a cult movie director who’s trying to rekindle his sagging career by getting this unconventional project off of the ground. GLOW is funny and tragic and moving and I can’t recommend it highly enough. And with only 20 30-minute episodes, you may even be able to sneak in a rewatch before the leaves start to fall. [Gwen Ihnat]

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I haven’t watched the series, but I did watch the show back in the day.  On at worst times possible, it was 80's camp wrestling at it’s greatest.  The promos were so terrible that you loved them, a lot like the USA Up All Night movies.