I’ve never considered cereal to be a mobile food, and I suppose none of this should really be weird—if we can drink soup from cups, we should be able to drink cereal, right? And yet here I am, completely convinced that this can’t be an enjoyable experience, and that the entire thing is far too weird for me. Cereal needs to be in a bowl, it needs to be eaten sitting down, and it should never be made directly in your mouth unless you’re extremely hungover and barely functional.


But I’m really not giving this gizmo a fair shake, am I? Who’s to say that we’ve been eating cereal the “right” way all this time? Maybe the CrunchCup is how we should have been consuming cereal all along? Breakfast is just a social construct that’s only been around for about a century and a half, which really isn’t all that long in the grand scheme of things. What other breakfast norms have we not been challenging here? Could science possibly develop a cup for on-the-go stew?