In a staff discussion of miniature candies, it came to our attention that none of us has ever seen a full-size Mr. Goodbar. Does it exist? The Hershey Company website display Snack Bites and miniature-sized Mr. Goodbars, but no standard-size bar. Images exist of this, though, so was it once in production before being cut from the candy-maker’s lineup? Despite existing since 1925, Mr. Goodbar seems currently relegated to a mini size. Follow-up question: How would you rank the candies—Hershey’s, Mr. Goodbar, Krackle, Special Dark—in the Hershey’s mixed minis bag? [Kate Bernot]

Japan turns broken baseball bats into chopsticks


I guess I’ve never really thought a whole lot about where chopsticks come from, but this recent story from The New York Times makes perfect sense: In Japan, “a country meticulous about recycling, cracked and splintered bats may find another use as objects indispensable to life here: chopsticks.” The effort helps preserve “a species of ash tree known as aodamo.” The barrel of one bat may make five or six pairs, adorned with a team logo on the chopsticks, which look like mini-bats. The story of the path to this ingenious recycling effort is a fine read to check out over at The New York Times, even at the end of baseball season. [Gwen Ihnat]