Last Call: Which other celebrities deserve their own beer cans?

A can of Budweiser and Nelly
Two great St. Louis tastes together at last
Photo: SOPA Images (Getty Images), Gary Miller (Getty Images)

We were so happy to see the great confluence of St. Louis-ness that is the Nelly Budweiser can. What greater honor is there for a celebrity than to have their picture on a can of beer manufactured by their hometown brewery? Yes, it is true that Nelly is not just a St. Louis celebrity and Budweiser isn’t exactly a local microbrew. But still. It’s brought St. Louisans so much joy.


What other regional celebrities deserve to be recognized by their hometown breweries? What other great beer/celebrity pairings have been overlooked? Let us know in the comments.

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Any idea how many beers or spirits are dedicated to the memory Dylan Thomas and his works? I don’t know the answer to that, but I have drunk a lot of them.

The earlier story reminded me that there is/was a decent range of Discworld inspired beers (which I haven’t seen recently) and a couple of Monty Python pints are out there as well. It’s always cause for celebration when they get Holy Grail in at the local.

Lidl’s occasionally stock Duff and Robinson’s Trooper is regularly available for Iron Maiden fans. And it has pals, Light Brigade, Day of the Dead, Sun and Steel, Red’n’Black Porter.

Bitches Brew for Miles fans? Tart Side of the Moon for Pink Floyd fans?

Lots of Peaky Blinder inspired drinks out there at the moment. The Pogues have their own whiskey.