Last Call: Which foods would you travel thousands of miles to eat again?

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Chefs prepare xiao long bao in Shanghai
Chefs prepare xiao long bao in Shanghai
Photo: Qilai Shen (Getty Images)

Since March, the farthest I have traveled from home is approximately two hours south to Kankakee, where my dog and I spent an afternoon hiking along the river. On the way home, we stopped at a Culver’s, which was kind of exciting for me since it’s a road trip staple and there’s not one very close to where I live, but it seemed like a modest adventure compared to other foods I’ve eaten while traveling. Mostly because I wasn’t going very far and would be home by dinner.

One afternoon last week, the Takeout staff indulged in a collective reverie about the best foods we’ve eaten while traveling: xiao long bao in Shanghai and pao mo soup in Xi’an, brats in Sheboygan, lángos in Budapest, carne asada tacos in Phoenix, calf fries (aka Rocky Mountain oysters) off Route 66 in Oklahoma, and a truly magical slice of pizza in New York City. And then this morning, this feature on Dollywood got us yearning all over again (but this time also for roller coasters).


A few years ago, I checked out a book from the library called 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die. It listed the 1,000 foods (I think a few drinks also snuck in there) by country and city, and it was lovely to dream over. What is on your list of things everyone should travel to eat before they die?