Last Call: Which food collabs would you like to see this Fashion Week?

The New Balance Kawhi Jolly Rancher Collection
The New Balance Kawhi Jolly Rancher Collection
Photo: New Balance/Hershey’s
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It’s New York Fashion Week! Huzzah! Huzzah! One of the rare blessings of the pandemic is that it’s all virtual this season, so every ordinary plebe can get a front-row seat, just like Anna Wintour! Log into this website, sit up straight, and try to look bored and superior as you take plenty of mental notes.


It does not appear that any food brand collaborations will be hitting the virtual runway—Fashion Week is apparently too high-toned for the likes of Taco Bell—but so far this week, we’ve received word of two fashion-food collabs. And we’re not even through Monday!

First, as we’ve already noted, we have a line of colorful sweats from Truly Hard Seltzer in hues inspired by its flavor mix packs: Tropical, Berry, Citrus, and Lemonade. They went on sale today at $62 a pop, and the website is already claiming that all four flavors, er, colors are “Low Stock.”


Next, from Hershey and New Balance, we have the New Balance Kawhi Jolly Rancher Collection, available in late October, inspired by Kawhi Leonard’s childhood love of Jolly Ranchers. (The press release Hershey and New Balance sent us claims that the release is timed to coincide with the NBA Western Conference semifinals in which Leonard is playing. But who could have known back when this collection was in the works that the Clippers would have made the semis? Fashion Week seems way more likely.) Per the press release: “this collection includes the top-selling 327 lifestyle silhouette as well as the 480 Low, the original New Balance Basketball model.... The collection will also have a sport slide sandal and t-shirt assortment featuring the Jolly Rancher fruit gang design with Kawhi’s signature deadpan expression.”

We’ve already seen collaborations between Snoop Dogg, Beyond Meat, and Dunkin’; Crocs and KFC; and Panda Express and Anti Social Social Club. What could possibly be next? What food fashion collaborations would you like to see this lovely Fashion Week?

Aimee Levitt is associate editor of The Takeout.

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