Last Call: What was your post-vax first meal in a restaurant?

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My fiancée and I had our second vaccination shots towards the end of April and have technically been fully vaccinated for about a month now. Once we passed the two-week mark, we had a very special meal out to celebrate her birthday and to mark the fact that we could finally dine out again. It was at a fine-dining Korean restaurant in Chicago called Jeong, which I highly recommend. We certainly started off with a bang, and it was frankly, awesome.


But then yesterday, for our second meal in a restaurant, we went to Chili’s, of all places. It was mainly for work, but it was also just a reason to be back out. She got a steak and mashed potatoes, I got the chicken fajitas (a classic), we shared the Awesome Blossom petals, and we got a skillet cookie for later. Aside from the masks on everyone who wasn’t sitting down, everything felt weirdly... normal. And also, more importantly, good.

I’m going to remember my meal at Chili’s just as fondly as the one at Jeong, if not more, because it was a meal I could approach with much less trepidation, and that’s what made it noteworthy.

Have you been out to eat yet? And if you have, was it everything you were hoping for?

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Lurch of the SoCal

Deeply premature to do so in my area.

We lag radically behind the state due to the large volume of Republicans still fighting Trump’s battles and a stubborn group of elders who just don’t believe they could catch anything THAT bad (yesterday was told “if it was deadly they’d make us take the vaccine”).

Our household is vaccinated, but we have a high risk elder with us. I’m not taking a chance that this overflowing pisspot of idiots will spawn yet another variant that might make it past the vaccine’s immune response and kill my mother in law - so, no restaurants, yes masks, yes restricting contact with outsiders.

They don’t care how many people their actions kill, so I have to take extra steps for my household. It’s the American way.