Last Call: What’s your favorite thing to do on edibles?

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Though both my husband and I are bakers that smoke weed every evening, we rarely indulge in homemade edibles. Smoking weed and consuming edibles are two entirely different experiences. When I smoke weed at night I read the newspapers, answer emails, do my crosswords—I’m a very calm, rational, and relaxed person while smoking. Edibles, on the other hand, cause my legs to stop functioning, albeit in a good way. You know what it feels like for every muscle, even your eyelids, to truly relax? You can experience that with edibles. (It’s very hard to experience much else, though.)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been an anxious, overwhelmed mess, and I’m sure many of you can relate. My anxieties have manifested physically as rigid, involuntary clenching, and since my husband is terrible at massages, he decided to invest in a cannabutter machine so we always have the ingredients for top-notch edibles available. Matt makes the best ones I’ve ever tasted, which is terrible for me as I have zero self-control. I know I’m supposed to nibble at the brown butter coconut blondie slowly over a period of time. Instead, I eat the whole thing in three minutes and spend the next two hours staring at a ceiling fan while thinking about my mailman.


The last few nights I’ve remembered to nibble, which allowed me to peacefully catch up on Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels (strong recommend!) while my body unclenched. Now I just hope that nothing else happens this week that will make me angry. A girl can dream.


To the edible people out there, what are some of your favorites? Do you buy, or D.I.Y.? What do you like doing once you’ve eaten them? Any interesting ceiling fans you think I should check out?