Last Call: What’s your favorite stinky food?

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A freshly-opened can on surstromming
Photo: TOM LITTLE / Contributor (Getty Images)

Some of the best food on the face of this planet is the strongest smelling. Open a jar of kimchi in a pristine room and revel in the farty smell. (Don’t worry, we know. That’s why some Korean households even have a dedicated kimchi fridge.) There’s stinky tofu, which literally has the word “stinky” in the name. Durian is as loved about as much as it smells—that is to say, a lot—and blue cheese has its die-hard fans. Hell, frankly a lot of cheese smells like feet!

One time my former roommate decided to try Limburger cheese, and he cut it on my wooden cutting board. I’m going to tell you... that smell soaked into the wood and didn’t dissipate for at least a week. But I tried it, and surprisingly, I really did like it.


And I’m absolutely fascinated by surströmming, fermented sour herring, which I hear is quite an acquired taste. I’ve seen so many videos about the stuff that I feel like I’ve tried it myself. Although it does seem pretty intense.

I mean, there’s a reason why everyone loves food that are considered pungent or stinky, and we all have our favorites. I love fish sauce, and kimchi, and pretty much anything I’d personally classify as stinky. What’s your favorite strong-smelling food?