Last Call: What’s your favorite messy food?

a glorious spread of american barbecue
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In my opinion, messy food is some of the best food. If you’re not wearing some of it on your clothes after you’re finished, then you’re doing it the wrong way, whether it’s corn on the cob, sauced-up chicken wings, or ribs. Even spaghetti or ramen slurped up violently can cause splatters or stains on you and the wall. Or how about a seafood boil in a bag, doused with heavily seasoned butter? Hell yeah. To all of these things.

Since most of us are eating mainly at home these days, that means we can eat the messiest food with impunity, and without dealing with the self-awareness that part of your dinner is now living permanently on your shirt or pants. I’m someone who generally tries to avoid being covered in sauce or meat detritus while out in public, but at home, all bets are off. I did a quick informal poll of the Takeout crew to see what everyone’s sloppy favorites are, and it turns out each of ours is different.

Marnie: A wet Italian beef

Aimee: BBQ ribs

Allison: Nachos

Lillian: Crawdads

Me: Buffalo wings

What is your absolute favorite messy food, and is it something you avoid eating while out in public?

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Mork Encino's Thick Pelt

A burger with a fried egg added.

One wrong bite and the yolk is all over your shirt.

I once had a boss/mentor who actually told me “Never order fried eggs at a business breakfast/lunch. No one wants to watch you eat them.” (I had ordered a tuna melt, he was just making conversation. Words to live by.)

I might order a burger with an egg on top (or just over easy eggs) with family or when I’m alone, but not with friends and never if it’s a working breakfast/lunch.