Last Call: What’s your dream candy?

Pile of various chocolate bars and chocolate candies
Photo: Rachel Husband (Getty Images)
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See’s Candies, the iconic chocolatier founded in Los Angeles in 1921, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, the company announced in a press release, it wants customers to weigh in on what See’s should produce next. With its new promotion called “What’s Your Sweet Idea?” See’s is soliciting candy inspo directly from consumers, and the winning response will be made into an actual product. The details:

Fans are encouraged to submit their ultimate candy creation on January 5 through January 20. See’s dedicated team of R&D experts will sort through submissions and pick the top candies for final voting which will be held on February 15 through March 1.


Candy folks, assemble: We’ve got to put on our thinking Sno-Caps. This is, after all, a chance to inject the world with even more delicious confections, and who are we to miss out on this golden (ticket) opportunity? Are there candies that don’t yet exist that we wish to see in the world? I, for one, would love to see more applications of the maple and chocolate combo, like the Bun cluster bar. Maybe you heartily disagree, and instead find yourself longing for a world where chocolate and pistachio is as ubiquitous a combination as chocolate and peanut butter. Speaking of butters, everyone seems to bow at the altar of cookie butter these days. Should there be some sort of Biscoff truffle? You could, of course, go all Ben & Jerry’s with it and request dozens of mix-ins like potato chip, caramel, and cookie dough. Sounds a little hectic to me, but it takes all kinds to make a sampler.

You could also take this as an opportunity to resurrect something beloved from your childhood years, since discontinued. And what is the internet if not a vast community of North American candy eaters bemoaning the fact that so many excellent chocolate varieties are only available overseas? Consider this contest a covert way to smuggle those flavors to our shores once and for all. So... what’s your sweet idea?

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.



I just want to say how great it is that everybody is back, and i hope the holiday break was good for everybody — the super sparse Takeout offerings over the past couple of weeks gave me Takeout-withdrawal, and I’m glad to have the range of writers and articles back and the cool comments, too.