Last Call: What do you eat at a miserably cold baseball game?

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Cold-weather baseball snacks

Photo: Doug Pensinger (Getty Images)

I used to live in Phoenix, where baseball stadiums were air-conditioned to a sublimely brisk temperature that inspired beer-drinking and pretzel-scarfing. But what about the images of these poor Mets fans, bravely soldiering through some ice cream during a freezing cold game in D.C. on Sunday? Damn, that’s dedication to the ballpark experience. [Kate Bernot]

Legion dance battle

The list of Peabody award nominees came out today, and I was not surprised to see Legion on the list. Season one was an absolute mindfuck, using the story of a telekinetic mutant to attack all straightforward concepts of memory, reality, and identity. To demonstrate, let me submit the battle dance sequence that kicked off season two last week: While Dan Stevens and Jemaine Clement certainly bring a lot to the dance floor, eventually they must yield to the greatness of Aubrey Plaza, as we all do. If you want to see more (and really, why wouldn’t you), check out Legion on FX tonight. [Gwen Ihnat]

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