Last Call: Welcome to Turn Off The Oven Week

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This week on The Takeout, we’ll be featuring recipes and advice for how to keep your home as cool as possible in the middle of the hottest stretch of summer. We’re calling it Turn Off The Oven Week, and it’s a theme that our staff takes to heart, especially those of us with poor kitchen ventilation, aging window units, and/or a tendency to sweat directly into uncovered saucepans. We’re hoping you find this week’s offerings just as useful as we do.


On the flip side, we’d love to hear about your own tips for beating the heat. Do you alter your dinner menu on hot days so that you can avoid the oven and stove? Do you simply perform all your usual cooking but with ice packs tucked under your armpits? Or do you sip on a hot beverage to cool yourself down?

(Of course, it should also be noted that this isn’t the only week in which we turn to hot-weather topics. Salad is a heat wave’s best friend, and for man’s best friend, there’s no better treat than dog ice cream. Oh, and on the topic of ice cream, you’ll want to try this, too.)

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.


I want a wolf range so bad. My life needs 20k BTU searing meat like a champ and boiling water faster than Superman.

I eat frozen fruit in the summer quite often as my dessert.  Frozen peaches are my favorite.  It feels healthier than ice cream.