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Wait, Waffle House has a Storm Center?

As governmental entities and private businesses mobilize ahead of Hurricane Florenceā€™s expected landfall in the Carolinas, Waffle House is also preparing for the storm. A tweet from the restaurant chain showed employees gathered around laptops and storm-tracking monitors. In past natural disasters, Waffle House has been praised as a role model for disaster preparedness, and following the Joplin, Missouri tornadoes in 2011, a FEMA administrator even coined the term ā€œWaffle House indexā€ as a measure of a disasterā€™s severity. Stay safe out there, everyone. [Kate Bernot]

Florenceā€™s massive eyewall

If you are a bit of a storm aficionado like myself, you may be interested in this CNN video of the eyewall of Hurricane Florence, which is just nuts. From the safety of the Midwest, itā€™s hard not to just be gobsmacked by the incredible power (winds expected at over 100 mph) of that storm. But above all, what Kate said: Be safe out there! [Gwen Ihnat]