Last call: Travel through time to these grocery stores of yesteryear

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Grocery store time machine

Today’s news about Amazon expanding its grocery store of the future made this Ranker article my friend posted on Facebook seem exceptionally poignant: a photo essay across several decades of grocery shopping. Back when every single aisle had a friendly cashier, and a bagger who might even carry your groceries to your car for you. When housewives visited the supermarket with their hair in curlers, all the better to get ready for the festive evening ahead. Or even further back, when you might hand the grocer your list and he would collect your many items for you. You can even trace when products switched to more mass-produced lines, and note that cigarettes were once behind every counter. I found it a compelling collection of images that indicate not just how we get food, but display a fascinating microcosm of society; check it out over at [Gwen Ihnat]

Foods in ASL


In my slow efforts to learn American Sign Language, I get Sign School’s Sign Of The Day emails. They’re a fun, easy way to learn one sign each day via a three-second video clip, and I highly recommend them. But Sign School also has a section of its website totally dedicated to food. Here, now you know how to sign “beer.” [Kate Bernot]