Last Call: This easy test will tell you how good your chocolate is

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What does your chocolate sound like?

Again, just when I thought I had a great job… Professional chocolate taster Angus Kennedy (editor of Kennedy’s Confection magazine) offers a super-easy way to test the quality of your chocolate. In this Business Insider video, he demonstrates that when he snaps various chocolate bars, the high-quality chocolate makes a harder noise. Kennedy says it’s because the more quality chocolate bars have less sugar and don’t tend to melt so quickly. If I’m lucky enough to get my hands on a chocolate bar I’m usually not quibbling about quality (come to me, Hershey’s With Almonds), but this is a handy test to keep in mind for the true chocolate aficionado. [Gwen Ihnat]


A sad cheese reality

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“Well, I’ll have just a little cheese. A mere snack. Just a pinch. A bite.” Yeah, like that ever goes according to plan. (Please picture me typing this with half a wheel of Brie in my mouth.) I hate to break it to all of us, but the intention to eat something like 100-calories of cheese would, in reality, come down to approximately half a nibble, as this Consumer Reports piece illustrates. 100 calories of cheddar? That’s one ounce, or four cubes. 100 calories of gorgonzola? The teeniest wedge you ever did see. Sad! [Kate Bernot]

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