You know that first-legit-warm-day of spring feeling? That I-look-super-fly-today feeling? Lizzo’s 2016 banger Good As Hell rolls all those good vibes into one under-3-minute, crazy danceable song. It recently resurfaced via shuffle while I was on a run and I’ve had it on nonstop since. [Kate Bernot]

Stitch Fix

I am not usually one for a monthly service, still haunted by all the books I had to take to the post office to return for the book-of-the-month club several years ago. But, since my wardrobe resembles Oliver Twist’s at the moment, and I don’t ever really get the time to shop anywhere fancier than Old Navy or Target, I was in desperate need of some new clothes. I can only imagine what my coworkers thought as I revolved the same three winter outfits continually through the last gasp of cold weather.


Sorry to sound like an ad, but I was complaining about my meager threads to a friend and she told me that she’d signed up with Stitch Fix, and sold me on it. Every month I receive four pieces of clothing and an accessory, and have a few days to try stuff on and return. The very first month, I received a dress that I already owned and loved, just in a different pattern, so I bought it. (Apparently the Stitch Fix stylists are psychic.) This morning I furiously ripped the tags off of another new dress before work, and again, it fit perfectly. The service costs me $20 a month and the price of the clothing items I choose to buy, which I’m actually finding pretty reasonable. I probably won’t go the opening video route like the two sisters above, but who knows? Now I’m just counting the days until my next Stitch Fix box. [Gwen Ihnat]