Last Call: The physics of shaking a cocktail and a fun take on a game show

A bartender shakes cocktails at the bar of the New York Hotel, Broadway, in 1948.
Photo: Keystone / (Getty Images)
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The physics of shaking a cocktail

Photo: David Becker (Getty Images)

Have you ever really watched your bartender shake your cocktail? There are many motions, as different as the bartenders themselves. But as this Punch piece—charmingly illustrated—how a cocktail is shaken also depends on its ingredients, type of ice, etc. Fascinating stuff for fellow cocktail dorks. [Kate Bernot]

Wheel Of Fortune Answers

I have a soft spot for Wheel Of Fortune; my long-ago unemployed boyfriend used to call me every day while watching the bonus round so we could try to guess it over the phone. We should have just made up our own answers; they would have been much funnier, as I recently discovered on the Twitter feed @wofanswers, which slots in fake answers in early stages of the game. “I now exist in hell”? “Banquet of rocks”? “Reversible graveyards”? No wonder so many people have trouble solving the final puzzle. [Gwen Ihnat]

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