Photo: Mario Gutiérrez/Getty Images

The Path

Season three of The Path is now on Hulu, and if you’re looking for a new binge-watch, I highly recommend it. It could be all the 1970s cult stories I grew up on, but I really got into this series about the fictional Meyerist commune, with Michelle Monaghan as Sara, the heir to the cult throne; Aaron Paul as Eddie, her suddenly doubting husband; and Hugh Dancy as Cal, the new face of the movement. In season three, it looks like Eddie and Cal kind of switch places, with all three performers absolutely riveting. [Gwen Ihnat]

Photo composition tips

I photograph much of what you see on this site. Problem is, I’m not that good a photographer—but I’d like to become better. I’m a subscriber to COOPH’s YouTube channel, which offers practical photography tips into snack-sized chunks. [Kevin Pang]


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