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It’s shocking, I know, but it exists.

We’ve done a lot of writing recently about those rascally rascals behind brand Twitter accounts and their scampish antics.

But I am here to tell you there is one good brand Twitter account. It may be the only purely good brand Twitter account. My love for it is true. It is a regular source of, at worst, a smile, and at best, a ridiculous, high-pitched giggle.


Meet the SparkNotes Twitter account, which posts literary memes and nothing else. Even when it’s announcing something else, like a site outage, it’s still literary memes. Here’s one from today:

Earlier this week:


This one seems like it was written for Kate Bernot and I to send back and forth to each other through Slack forever:


This one got the aforementioned high-pitched giggle:


Another Cher one:




They dust off this old format with some frequency:


And then there are a bunch of Pride And Prejudice entries, and I love them all equally. There is perhaps no subject about which I will more regularly laugh than Mr. Darcy.


And one Wickham one, because fuck that guy:


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a brand account sucks unless it is refunding your pizza or posting Jane Austen jokes. Have a great weekend!

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i misread this as “twizzler” account & thought, “yum!”  i was thus disappointed in the article.