Last Call: The magic of banana bread, jumpsuits, and Hong Kong trams

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Orangette’s banana bread recipe

Okay, still trying to prepare breakfast in advance, so yesterday my daughter and I made banana bread for the first time in a long while. Yes, I let her put chocolate chips in it, but it got me covered not only through breakfast, but lunch and possible snack (the kids really like this particular banana bread). I always use the same recipe from Orangette, one of my favorite food blogs, written by Seattle resident Molly Wizenberg. Her banana bread, which I believe she pulled from Bon Appetit, even has a brown-sugar cinnamon topping; I’ve made it a bunch of times and it’s always perfect and never dry. I haven’t looked for another banana bread recipe since the first time I made this one. [Gwen Ihnat]

In praise of white jumpsuits


Some days, staring dejectedly into my closet, I miss the school uniform I wore from second grade through high school. I think wardrobe bewilderment is why many friends of mine (mostly women) have been passing around this Paris Review piece about JUMPSUIT, an art/political/fashion movement that asks whether we couldn’t all just wear a white jumpsuit, everyday, forever. Two women have been doing just that for three years, in fact. [Kate Bernot]

The Hong Kong tram

I’ve been on record about how enamored I am of filmmaker Brandon Li’s kinetic, 120 mph cinematography style (see his breathtaking Hong Kong Strong video). Li is back with a love letter to the double decker trams of Hong Kong, which more than 110 years after it first traversed city streets, continue to transport people for the equivalent of 30 American cents. [Kevin Pang]