Last Call: The key to eating less when dining out might be as simple as doggy bags

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Do doggy bags encourage us to eat less?

It’s hard to stick to healthy-eating portions when you’re at a restaurant staring down a plate of penne vodka the size of a lap pool. But a new study, to be published in the October issue of the journal Appetite, suggests that the mere offering of a doggy bag at the beginning of the meal—sort of a “hey, by the way, you can take home whatever you don’t finish”—could encourage diners to eat less of a ginormous restaurant meal. Researchers from Penn State University concluded that “packaging uneaten food after a meal could be an effective strategy to reduce overconsumption from large portions.” This makes sense, especially if you’re a person who’s averse to wasting food. [Kate Bernot]


Are you registered to vote?

You’re probably seeing this everywhere today, but thought it couldn’t hurt to remind you one more time: The upcoming midterm elections on November 6 will be one of the most important voting days of our lifetimes. Today is the registration deadline for a number of states. Please take two seconds to double-check that you’re registered (or even to register, no judgment), just to make sure that a new address or a middle initial isn’t going to trip you up on the big day. Do it right now. [Gwen Ihnat]


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