Last Call: The euphoria of a new breakfast cereal flavor

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Photo: Joseph Rene Briscoe (Getty Images)

Earlier today, we wrote about Kellogg Korea’s rollout of Green Onion Chex, a cereal concept that was first suggested in 2004 by a Chex ad campaign but spent 16 years languishing in development purgatory after the results of an online poll were thrown out to foist lesser candidate Chocolate Chex (and its fudged poll numbers) upon the masses instead. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with the latter flavor, but it was simply not the true victor in the race. Now, in 2020, Kellogg has righted its wrong and released Green Onion Chex for all to enjoy. It announced the news via a sensational musical commercial featuring famous performer Tae Jin-ah, which we already posted but which we have no choice but to post again to make sure you’ve watched it:

The way that green onions are scattered through the ad is somehow so funny to me. Maybe because they don’t look anything like the foods more typically gripped and cradled and hoisted by the happy people in commercials: I’m thinking chocolate bars, big fast food sandwiches, slices of pizza, and the like. The way that this ad shows green onions being waved in celebration, fashioned into a microphone, snapped in utter agony while watching 2004 election returns, and shaped into a cross-hatched Chex shape on a laboratory table, well... I regret to inform you that I’ve watched it three times and plan on watching it more than that. The catchy tune helps, too.

Maybe this ad wouldn’t have been quite so effective in a different year, but 2020 has given everyone so little to look forward to that the triumphant debut of a new cereal really is captured in some way by this gleeful commercial. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe we all just like what we like, and Kellogg Korea has, improbably enough, found a way to convince me that I might just have to try allium-flavored breakfast cereal. Is anyone else with me...?