Last Call: Tell us about the weirdest kitchen designs you’ve ever seen

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1950s housewife smiling sitting on countertop
Yes! I am having the time of my life with this knotty pine backsplash!
Photo: Debrocke/ClassicStock (Getty Images)

Earlier today, we reported on a dubious list of 2021 kitchen trends published in Southern Living. With suggestions like all-black kitchen accents and textured kitchen walls (???), one might conclude that the magazine’s interior design experts have never cleaned a real-life kitchen.

The list got us thinking about other strange examples of kitchen design that we’ve seen in our many years as renters and Zillow lurkers. Like, I once toured an apartment with a “built-in trash can” that was, no joke, a big hole in the floor. The kitchen was shotgun-style leading to the back door, and right in front of the door was a hole about a foot across and maybe two feet deep. “You can put a plant in it, you can put your trash in it,” the broker told me. “Whatever you want.” Whatever you want!


That got the team talking about weirdo kitchen choices we’ve seen, like this absolutely mystifying kitchen island. (Kitchen pulpit?) Now, we’d like to hear from you. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in a kitchen? Mysterious tiny drawers, perhaps? Puppet-themed decor? Shag carpet backsplash? Do tell.